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"Maybe great suffering does not bring out the BEAST in human beings but the BEST: courtesy, kindness, and courage."




I.W. Zilke was born in 1988 in Siberia. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Zilke’s family relocated to Germany. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Scotland to read Art History at the University of Glasgow. Later she pursued an M.A. in Creative Writing at Teesside University where she graduated with distinction in 2016.

The author derives her ideas from her numerous travels and from her personal interest in her own biographical roots, as well as from studying the turbulent history of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, which is closely connected to her family history. She also writes under the pseudonym 'Isabeau Kelm'.



October 27, 2019


Download SIBERIAN SHADOWS - A TRUE TALE OF NECROMANCY for free this Halloween!

March 22, 2019


I cannot believe I have finally published the story as so many life events had constantly interfered with either the writing process or the publication such as my pregnancy (I started writing A TRUE TALE OF NECROMANCY in the third month of my pregnancy two years ago) or our movement to Spain.

Well, now I can proudly announce that the horror short story is now available from Amazon for only $2.99 by clicking on the following link: http://bit.do/TrueTaleofNecromancy

NEW RELEASE: Siberian Shadows - 3 Short Stories

A collection of 3 short stories inspired by true events in Siberia during the last century.

With an unflinching insight into the dark depths of the human soul, the author portrays the entire palette of human suffering through an inverted mirror.

9 illustrations complete the collection and create a unique literary treasure.

NEW RELEASE: Love and Other Casualties - Poems

A collection of poems about love and other casualties, written over the course of three years.

We recommend looking closely at Enjolras’ illustrations for all of them have been drawn in under a minute to prevent any overthinking of the mind - the essence of the poems has thus been extracted.

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